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20.11.02 Lahti, Finland

The very first Finnish and probably the first Western European diamond are going to be facet January 5th and 6th in 2003 in Lahti, Finland.

In the summer 2002 has been founded diamonds in North East Finland, in Kaavi by the Finnish diamond mine A&G Mining Ltd. The very first facet at the first Finnish and probably the first Western European diamond has been cut 20th November in 2002 in Lahti, Finland.
The cutting of that first Finnish diamond to be continue at the Antique, Art, Collection and Precious Stone Fair in Lahti January 5th and 6th in 2003. The visitors of the Fair are able to see the cutting during the Fair. The facetor is going to be diploma in Gemmology, F.G.A. Marita Lempinen from Lahti, Finland. Master Silversmith, AMK Pekka Koponen from
Lahti has been put the precious stone on the dobs.
The Finnish owner of the diamond mine in Kaavi, goldsmith Eva Thorén have been wishing that the diamond will be cut an unique Finnish style so that there will be still left some natural shape of the precious stone. Her dream about pure Finnmade - founded, cut, designed and manufactured - diamond jewellery is going to be true soon.

More information about:

The Finnish diamond critical Kimberlite: geologist Tapio Kuivasaari, Geological Survey of Finland, Kuopio district, tel. +358 020 550 3532 or e-mail
Diamond mine in Kaavi, Finland: The owner, goldsmith Eva Thorén, A&G Mining Ltd, tel. +358 40 770 1138.
About cutting: Diploma in Gemmology F.G.A. Marita Lempinen, e-mail
The Antique, Art, Collection and Precious Stone Fair, 5th and 6th January in 2003 in Lahti, Finland: Advertising office Kirjava Omena, Leea Lehelmä, e-mail

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