Are you looking for mineral swapping, help to find information on a certain mineral topic, looking for gemstones at a reasonable price, then you should join one of the Mailing Lists & News Groups below.
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The Rockhounds Mailing List

It all started in 1993. This mailing list, today probably exceeding 600 subscribers from all over the world, is for exchanging ideas, collecting information, general tips on any mineral related topic and of course to find someone to swap minerals with.

The Original Rockhound Mailing list has now a new owner Aaron Fox who is a geologist.
This list was formed as a response to the need for a new home for Tom Corson's excellent
"Rockhounds" mailing list. The list was originally formed for the discussion of rocks and
minerals, lapidary work, and fossils. However, over time, it grew to become quite a little

All subscription requests and list management functions will be handled by:

To subscribe to the list, please send mail to <>. In the BODY of
the message, place the following text: subscribe rockhounds

Please delete all signatures, and do not include any additional text in the message.
To unsubscribe to the list, use the following text: unsubscribe rockhounds

As a way to introduce yourself to the community, new members often find that an
introductory letter telling us something about themselves (age, hobbies, favorite sites,
favorite mineral/rock/fossil etc) does wonders!

If you have any questions or comments, check out the Rockhoundz website for more
information. If this does not answer your questions, or you need more personal assistance,
please contact the list owner at:

The Rock and Fossil Mailing List.

The rocks-and-fossils list is the oldest of all and started in 1991. As for the Rokhounds group above it is open for rockhounds and fossil enthusiasts world-wide. Any topic on rocks, minerals, fossils, paleontology is accepted to share information and experiences.
This mailing list has probably more than 500 subscribers from all over the world. If you join you should be aware of that your e-mail box will be flooded with 10 or more interesting messages each day.

To subscribe go to

Bob's Rock Shop Mail List

If you want to subscribe to the email list (or be removed from it) and you don't have WWW access to use the admin page, just drop Bob Keller an email and he will do that for you.

An automated web database interface for adding and removing yourself, or checking your subscription status is provided at: Bob's Rock Shop e-mail list page. *

NewsGroup "sci.geo.mineralogy"

The new news group « sci.geo.mineralogy » has finally been implemented and became operational on April 1998. Your Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers will steer you through this new news group with the functions « Read News » for Microsoft and «Collabra Discussion Groups » for Netscape.

If you cannot access the group or if you only get a few days of postings, you can access it through which provides the entire content of the forum. Use the POWER SEARCH function and research through the complete ARCHIVE by typing in sci.geo.mineralogy in the GROUP box to isolate the news group. *

National Gemstone's Mailing List

If you would like to be e-mailed when we put the newest Gemstone Forecaster Newsletter up or when we make any other substantial changes to our web pages, simply e-mail National Gemstone and place the word "subscribe" in the header or the body of your letter. Why not visit our home page. *

The Gem and Lapidary Newsletter.

To subscribe send a message to with the word "subscribe" on the subject line. *

Ganoksin-news mailing list

We are here to build a strong pool of information for the benefit of Web's jewelers and craftsmen - and those interested in jewelry and gemstones. You can expect to receive occasional newsletters that will keep you up to date with events taking place at; such as new up loads, new features, events, and site revisions.
Please keep in mind that the Orchid Forum and Digest are where jewelry manufacturing procedures and techniques are discussed. Should you wish to add your self to the Orchid mailing list or the Orchid Digest, you may do so by sending us a brief Email requesting that your name be added to either list. You may also add yourself to either list by going to and following the instructions provided. *

To subscribe send a message to and write in the body of the message: Subscribe ganoksin-news.
If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can send mail to "Majordomo" with the following command in the body of your email message: unsubscribe ganoksin-news and your e-mail address.
For additional information go to:

Micromount list

This list is not meant to replace or steal subscribers from any other list, but to augment them. *

To subscribe, go to:

The Faceters Digest list

Ask your question at the same time and within a day or two someone will respond.
Why not come and visit the home page?

Field Collecting List

If you enjoy field trips and would like to join a well behaved discussion list that focuses on sites, specimens, tools, and coordination of joint field trips, you're welcome to join LA-Rocks.
A number of rock clubs in the Los Angeles area are beginning to collaborate on a joint field trip schedule where each event would be open to members of any club.

To join the discussions, simply send a blank email message to:
For additional information contact Brad Smith, List Moderator,

Geoexplore Mailing list

The Geoexplore Mailing list serves as a platform for discussion on all topics relating to exploration. Everybody is invited to subscribe to this mailserver. There is NO CHARGE for this subscription.

To provide a platform for discussion for individuals interested in all aspects of mineral exploration topics. Topic choices are limited only to the field of exploration. To subscribe to the GEOEXPLORE MAILING LIST, please send an e-mail to with SUBSCRIBE in the SUBJECT FIELD

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