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Current news on exploration in Sweden. Editor Birger Filén


On April 26 Boliden Ltd’s CEO Jan Johansson announced a discovery ofa promising mineralisation in the Garpenberg area in south central Sweden. Intercepts and geophysical surveys indicate a considerable volume with good contents ofzinc, lead and silver - higher than the average tenor for the ore reserves in Garpenberg.
The area is called Lappberget and is located between the mines Carpenberg and Garpenberg Norra. Read more on

On March 13 North Atlantic Natural Resources AB (NAN) informed that a formal agreement was concluded between NAN and Boliden regarding exploration in the Skellefte District. The agreement allows each party to conduct exploration on selected targets within claims held by the other party. This renders more efficient exploration in the Skellefte District. Successful exploration work that can justify a prefeasibility study for mining gives the exploring party a 70 percent interest in that particular project. Read more on

NAN has selected five target areas in the western Skellefte District whereby it can earn a 70 percent interest. Fieldwork commenced in March with drill testing expected to begin in April.
Equinox Resources Ltd has been exploring the Norrbotten Project in northern Sweden since 1996. The exploration has been successful in intersecting copper mineralisation and validat-ing the Company’s exploration concepts and approach. The 2001—2002 program will continue to evaluate Kuosanen North and test a further series of highly prospective targets throughout the Kiruna district.
Equinox has been granted tenements at Kukkola and Präntijärvi covering two layered mafic intrusions representing the westernmost part of the PGE-bearing Early Proterozoic layered mafic complex that goes from Sweden through Finland into Russia. The Company has completed a reconnaissance programme at Kukkola and will
conduct a systematic follow up PGE exploration program in both areas later this year.

In its Annual Review for the year 2001 Anglo American plc announces that” iron oxide copper-gold exploration continued in several countries, with positive initial drill results from Sweden”.

Tertiary Mineral plc’s exploration activities in Sweden continue. In the Djuragruvan Project the results of an 8 line-km IP survey, designed to test for extensions of mineralisation, has been received. The results indicate a modest extension of mineralisation to the north and south of the Gruvberget South pit but failed to locate any targets in the region of the boulder train. A programme of drilling is scheduled for later this year.
The Logärden Project comprises a surface outcrop of zinc-rich massive sulphide mineralisation. Three IP traverses indicates that mineralisation may be continuous throughout the tested area and also defined a second parallel anomaly. Read more on
The Company’s re-logging and interpretation programme in the Windfall Project has been deferred in favour of higher priority targets but will resume later this year.

According to a press release of March 8 Lappland Goldminers AB has by drilling identified 17 million tonnes of gold ore containing 24 tonnes of gold at Fäbodliden west of the town of Lycksele. According to an earlier release the grade is 1.46 g/t gold at a cut-off grade of 0.4 g/t gold.

ScanMining’s board decided in April on a new issue of shares which gave the Company around 6M SEK before expenses. New CEO after Kjell Moreborg is Michael Nilsson. According to the press release of May 2 the Blaiken Mine has an ore reserve of c. 9 million tonnes and an ore resource of 2.4 million tonnes.

Canadian owned Nordic Drilling Services AB has gone into bankruptcy.


The main underground tamp of NAN’s Storliden mine was completed to a total length of 960 m as of March 15. With Boliden Mineral AB (Boliden) acting as main contractor, subsequent development entered into the West Zone of the orebody at a vertical depth below surface of 120 m on March 22. Mining and stockpiling of ore from the West Zone started during the last week of March.
Meantime, development operations are continuing, aimed at intersecting the high-grade ore of the Central Zone in May. Mining operations are expected to be initiated in this area by June.
Ore from both the West and Central Zones will be stockpiled at the mine site for subsequent processing at the Boliden mill located 90km east. The first milling campaign is anticipated in June. The modifications to the Boliden mill, required for processing the high-grade Storliden ore, are reported to be on schedule and ready for testing in May. Production is anticipated to build to a rate of 25,000 tonnes of ore treated per month by the end of the year.
Development of the Norrliden copper-zinc deposit is the subject of an ongoing study by Boliden in conjunction with the joint venture agreement on Storliden signed March 21 last year. The Norrliden deposit is a volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit located fortyfive kilometres southeast from Storliden. Work by NAN has indicated an inferred resource of approximately 775,000 tonnes averaging 0.7 % copper, 7.8 % zinc, 1.1 g/t gold and 100 g/t silver.
Studies into alternatives for development of the Vargbäcken gold deposit as a small-scale mining operation are ongoing. Independent estimation of an inferred mineral resource at Vargbäcken gold project has yielded 589,000 tonnes grading 3.74 g/t gold at a cut-off grade of 1.0 g/t gold or is 223,000 tonnes averaging 7.26 g/t gold using a higher cut-off of 3.0 g/t gold. An environmental impact assessment has been made and an environmental baseline monitoring survey is running.

Dragon Mining N.L.'s Svartliden Cold Project has been granted an exploitation concession over the known mineralisation. The grant of the exploitation concession confers the exclusive right to exploit the resource. Development and timing of the project is now dependent on applications under the Swedish Environment Code now in progress with the Environment Court.
Applications for environmental approval to the Environment Court commenced in October last year are progressing. A comprehensive environmental impact assessment and management plan submitted to the court has been reviewed by local and national regulatory authorities. In March, Dragon as the project proponent then had the opportunity to supply to the Court additional information in response to comments or technical queries. In April, the Court announced public comment period on the Svartliden application would close on June 1. The Court will then review any public comments and further responses from the proponent before making a decision.
Tender processes for the construction earthworks and mining contract and the plant construction contract have been completed. Successful tenders will be announced shortly.
With the completion of mining and construction tenders and more detailed supply costings, a comprehensive Life of Mine Plan (LOMP) has been developed. The LOMP confirms that the project is economically robust and can be developed with 100 % of the capital requirements being met by the indicative finance offer of US $9 million from Macquarie Bank Limited. Read more about the Svartliden Project and the LOMP on

The Swedish iron ore mining company, LKAB, has advised Equinox that the Kiruna orebody extend downdip onto Equinox's Luossajoki exploration permit, which immediately adjoins the LKAB Kiruna exploitation concession. Equinox has held preliminary discussions with LKAB, but at present is unable to form an opinion on the possible outcome of the discussions and their impact on the Company. Read more on
In September 2001 the plant and in October the crusher were restarted at Björkdal gold mine in Västerbotten County. In 1999 Björkdal, at that time owned by Williams Resources, went into bankruptcy. The bankrupt’s estate was bought by Bertil Zaudy, CEO of International Gold Exploration and financier Rolf Nordström for 14 million SEK. Stockpiled so-alled B-ore is treated by the new mining company named Dormant Properties AB. At least for the moment no mining is going on. From the start until mid April 550 kilos of gold has been produced.


Walter Melnyk has been appointed as Director and Exploration Manager for Poplar Resources Ltd. Mr Melnyk will be developing new exploration strategies for Poplar's Sundsvall and Kiruna Projects in Sweden. In a press release of April 23 Alvin Jackson, President of Poplar Resources, announces that the Company has secured the services of kimberlite expert Nikolai Pokhilenko for the 2002 exploration season. Dr. Pokhilenko has assigned three of his most experienced colleagues from the United Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineralogy, Novosibirsk, to work on the Company’s properties.
Australian Alcastone Diamond Exploration AB has 17 exploration permits in Norrbotten Coun-ty. Sampling has till now given two chromian spinels. A planned issue of shares would give the Company 6.7 million SEK.


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