The Amateur Geologists of the County of Vasterbotten 


The Amateur Geologists of the County of Vasterbotten was founded in 1982 and has today about 130 active members living primarily in three areas, from Sundsvall in the south to Skelleftea in the north.

The Vasterbottens Amateur Geologists is a non profit organization and is dedicated to promote the general knowledge of the mineralogical and related earth sciences through the study and collecting mineral specimens. A number of members are also promoting gem cutting and general lapidary arts.

Historically the principal activity of the Amateur Geologists has been on field trips and yearly membership meetings.

The field trips are held during the period of May to September and the collecting area spans from the Atlantic Sea in Norway, over the Caledonian Mountains, to the coastal area along the Baltic Sea.

The County of Vasterbotten and particularly the Skelleftea area is known as one of the primary mining districts in Sweden with a large number of active mines. The Skelleftea Field is a district of early Proterozoic marine supracrustals and intrusives which border the Skelleftea river. The district forms an elongated belt about 200 km long and 50 km wide between migmatites to the south and continental supracrustals to the north. The Skelleftea Field is a region of particular economic interest because of the occurence of over 100 sulphide mineralizations. The largest gold mines in Europe can be found here and the County has probably the largest potential for additional gold mines as gold can be found from the Caledonian mountains to the coastal border of the Baltic Sea.

The County also has several pegmatites of which the Varutrask pegmatite , situated some 15 km inland from Skelleftea, is the most famous one. Large quantities of quartz, microcline, spodumen, petalite, amblygonite, pollucite, lepdiolite, elbaites of several colours, cassiterite, columbite and other rare minerals can still be found on the dumps.

If you visit the County of Vasterbotten a suggested visit to the Varutrask quarry 15 km west of Skelleftea and the Boliden Mining Museum in Boliden is a must.

If you wish to get in touch with the Chairman and the Officers of the Amateur Geologists of the County of Vasterbotten, please contact any of the following persons:

For officers go to the page called "Styrelsen".

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