This is a Photo Archive of Minerals from Around the World.
Including a large selection of Swedish Minerals.

  Rockbridgeit & Beraunit, Leveäniemi mine, Norrbotten, Sweden.
©2001 GeoNord.
  Rodonit, Harstigen, Värmland, Sweden.
© 1999. Hans Palm.
  Rodokrosit, Marhult. Sweden.
Size of the picture 12 cm
© 1999 Frej Sandström.
The picture has been removed and will be replaced in October 
  Rhodonite, Harstigen, Värmland, Sweden.
Size of the picture 2 cm
© 1999 Frej Sandström.
  Rhodonite, pectolite and calcite, Långban, Värmland, Sweden.
Size of the picture 6 cm
© 1999 Frej Sandström.
  Rodonit, Långban, Sweden.
©2001 Per Hoel.
  Romanechite, Bölet.
Size of the picture 4 cm
© 1999 Frej Sandström.

©2001- GeoNord